It was a great result!

■Roland Festival 2017 (V Drum/Ensemble Stage) Final

■2/24(soil)、2/25(sun)The final was held at the small hall of the Nerima Cultural Center in Tokyo.

Two junior and senior high school students participated in the V-drum stage from the Music Class, and one person won the Judge's Special Award!

On the ensemble stage held on the 25th of the next day,

2 groups in A division
2 groups in Division B
I participated in one group in the C division...

Three groups were awarded the award from our class!

Ensemble A Division

《Grand Prix》

Team Name: Space Tone
Song name: From "Space Brothers"

Ensemble B

《Semi-Grand Prix》

Team Name: Wonder Girls
Name: Sir Duke

Ensemble C Division

《Grand Prix》

Team Name: Giostra (Geostra)
Name: Lingus