Here's what the live performance looks like♪

2014On August 3, 2008, at the Roland booth in the service area of the Hamamatsu Interchange on the Tomei Expressway
8A group of groups performs live.

1.1st to 2nd grade elementary school group

  Pirates of the Caribbean

2.Junior high school students and elementary school students group

  Cat Bus

3.3- and 6th-year elementary school students


4.5th-6th grade group

  Message of the Rouge

5.31th grade 4th grade 6th grade group

  Child Elephant March

6.Adult group


7.Adult group

  Merry-go-round of life

I stayed overnight on this day, and on the day after tomorrow, I did radio exercises at Hamamatsu Castle and toured the Museum of Musical Instruments.
It was a very fulfilling live performance!